5 Things You Absolutely MUST Avoid When House Training Your Dog!

By Chad Zetrouer

The first and arguably most important training for any dog is House Training. Still, most people make the same mistakes people were making 100 years ago. These mistakes can not only lead to a long and drawn out house training, but they can also negatively effect your dogs behavior. New more effective training methods have discovered and there's just no excuse for making these mistakes anymore.

Here are 5 things you absolutely MUST avoid when House Training your Dog:

  1. Putting your dog outside every time it does it's business inside - Your dog is most likely done, putting it outside won't help anything. By doing this you're just training your dog to pee on the floor every time it wants to go outside to play.
  2. Spanking - It's been proven that punishment is the least effective method of training. Not only that, but if the punishment doesn't come within 3 seconds of the bad behavior, the dog won't know why it's being punished.
  3. Yelling - This is just another type of ineffective punishment.
  4. Pushing Your Dogs Nose in it's Pee - Some people think that by forcing the dog to smell it's own pee or poop while hitting and yelling at it, it will teach the dog not to do it. What's really happening here is that your teaching your dog to fear the smell of it's pee or poop. From now on it will possibly get scared every time it goes to the bathroom.
  5. Getting Angry When Your Dog Makes a Mess - Dogs can pick up on your emotions and you being mad at them could end up punishing them, even if you don't spank or yell at them. What's more is that they won't know why you're mad at them.

While you may be able to successfully house train your dog using these old methods, it will probably take as much as a month or more and your dog will likely develop behavior problems because of it.

It is possible to house train a dog in only a few days and almost certainly in less than a week and that's what I teach in my book The House Training Guide. Not only that, but I also teach you how to fix virtually any behavior problem. Everything from Barking and Chewing to Jumping on people and Running Away.

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